Peaceful trip through the graveyard.

In the silence, you may find ancient secrets.


So I have been for the past few years putting all my energy into building foundations for our family with the help of Jamie. We have been focusing on Manifesting abundance for ourselves, carefully figuring out what works and what does not. We have now found our place with more space, more love and more free time. In this free time I have been ignited with desire to start making original content in the form of video, music, photos and writing. With the power of technology nowadays, and the ease of use on multiple platforms, we can share this. What follows is some footage taken on an idea for a bigger project I am working on.

Earlier this week I had some motivation to go down to the graveyard, I brought my video camcorder. I took some quick 10-20 second videos and took some screen shots of all my short videos. Hope you enjoy.

Catacomb doorway
Doors sealed hold secrets only the astral self can find
always rooms available for purchase
no comment, just like this view.
steps to take to find what is beyond current perception
we found a frozen lake view
pound it!
for under 2 years old, he listens so well
hope you enjoyed.

More to come soon, there is much organization and learning to be done. Follow your heart and enjoy what you do, always, and what is destined for you will come.

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